Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Looks who's back!!!

Well look what the cat drug in... ME!!!
Sorry followers I have been out of the Blogger world for months obviously.. I just recently moved into my new home in Kansas City, MO and I am putting my magic to WORK!.... I will post some before pics very soon and follow with the after. Thanks for following!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rock the Peacock ....chrome pop

So I decided to show a few photos from my bedroom... Here you will see that I have a PotteryBarn duvet cover that has a saturated palette and bold scale. This motif features peacocks, flowers, butterflies and various images all painted on a weighty textural fabric. When I saw this in this store I was drawn to it by the bold colors and the quality of the fabric.

I dressed down the duvet to make it appear more masculine by adding accent pillows that were dark blue, which correspond with the dark blue featured in the print.

The bed is RestorationHardware. It is actually a nickel plated bed that looks very much like chrome. The mahogany PotteryBarn Montego dresser's and night stands along with the warm grey walls work well with the chrome in the room. The Pier 1 mirrored lamps make the night stand appear deeper.

The chrome and mahogany give this room a clean look. I purchased the chrome planter from PotteryBarn filled it with black dried bunch that is accented with chrome beads and then I filled in with black beads that you would use to make bracelets or in your hair.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Center of attention

The whole focus of this room is the fireplace. I focused on the color, placement and texture of the stone. Color: earth-tones such as tan and brown bring the couch and leather chair together along with the oatmeal colored rug.When the lights above the fireplace are on the stones give off a gold glow that corresponds with the fire, teddy bears, and several other elements in this space. Placement & Quantity: several stones are STACKED very close together which inspired me to fill the book shelves with LOTS of books and collectibles. The books are STACKED to mimic the placement of the stones. The texture of the stone is tough and rugged so I added an over sized Metal lantern and other METAL objects. Well there you have it folks. Please feel free to give me some feedback!

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Product of your environment

I would like for you to think of something that you think is just darling. Whether it’s a cute teabag packaging design, piece of jewelry or even the color of a piece of chewing gum. Tell me what it is and why you find it darling. I want to design a space for you inspired by that particular item or color. Describe the type of space that you would like example: bathroom bedroom kitchen and so on. I will post it on the blog for others to see and hope that I meet your expectations.

Kick off!

This is my first post here on Blogspot. I would like to share a few photos with you guys/gals. I will post more photos going forward. Thanks for checking out my blog. Please feel free to leave some feed back.

In this photo is a piece of art work by Vladimir Kush "Treasure Island". On the right of the bookcase is a Vintage horse saddle that I picked up at a local consignment shop. I placed it on a used column that I painted silver that compliments the silver studs on the saddle. This also makes the room fun and always strikes up a conversation.

A space should aways have some "life". I added the daisies to the room to pull out the gold and red tones in the artwork. They also soften the room along with the rug; a room with too much wood, metal and leather comes across a little cold and unwelcoming.

This is what I decorated to be our library. With a Vladimir Kush painting "Webmaster". When creating a space I find a piece of artwork that inspires me and feed off the colors, images and mood that it conveys to its audience.
Yes thats a horse head on the wall. I try to steer away from the typical "moose head" decor. This piece carries out the equestrian theme as well as the saddle shown above. I added a few personal touches with the photographs of my pets and a Steiff Teddybear from my partners Teddybear collection.


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